Marios Piperides, Director of SMUGGLING HENDRIX

Join us for a very special Q&A event with the director of Smuggling Hendrix, Marios Piperides. 

Date: Sunday 27th Feb
Location: Meta House
Film Screening: 5:30pm
Q&A session: 7:15pm – 8:15pm

Marios Piperides was born in 1975 in Nicosia, Cyprus. In 2005, he started his own production company, AMP Filmworks, and parallel to his job as a producer, Marios is also a writer and director. His debut feature film as a writer/director, “Smuggling Hendrix”, premiered in Tribeca Film Festival in 2018 where it won the Best International Narrative Feature Award, followed by screenings at over 50 festivals worldwide and theatrical releases in many countries.  He is now working on his second feature film, while continuing to produce and co-produce through his company.

“I grew up in a fairly conventional Greek-Cypriot environment just after the 1974 Turkish invasion. I was surrounded by stories about “the Turks”, the enemy that inflicted murderous and barbaric acts upon our community – a perception that only strengthened during my compulsory army service during the mid-90s. For years, I could see the roof tops on the “other side” of Nicosia and the mountains further down; I could hear the mosque calling for prayer and see the Turkish soldiers on their posts. But while I was able to witness the “other side” from afar, or listen to the stories being told, it was never a part of my lived experience in the physical sense. My impression of the other side was merely received, through stories of family, teachers and the popular media. Years later, in 2003, the first check-point between the two “sides” was opened, allowing me to visit the part of my homeland that, for the first three decades of my life, I had only experienced through the narratives of others. I remember the first time I crossed it. Everything was different and strange, but familiar at the same time: the places, the buildings, the architecture, the smells, the people. An uncomfortable familiar strangeness.

During the years that followed I had the opportunity to experience “the other side” first hand, establish personal and professional ties with those who share our island, enrich my own narrative and, indeed, question some of the elements that I have been brought up on. The stories I encountered varied greatly, from the utterly tragic to the downright absurd, which triggered the desire in me to tell a story that captures both.

Smuggling Hendrix is one of these stories. Based on a real life event, one man’s devotion to his dog provides a light touch to offset the more serious issues. Its micro plot reflects the complex real-world social dynamics of today: the divided island of Cyprus, the complexities of the lost property issues; and the thorny issue of the Turkish settlers, who have remained faceless all these years and are only used as negotiation numbers by politicians on both sides.”