Gentle (Szelid)

Synopsis: Edina, a female bodybuilder is ready to sacrifice everything for the dream she shares with her life partner and trainer Adam: to win the Miss Olympia. The odd love she finds on her way makes her see the difference between her dreams and her true self Director: David FreyneCountry: Hungary, GermanyLength: 1h 33mGenre: Docu-FictionLanguage: HungarianSubtitle: English


Q&A Sessions

Building on the tremendous success of last year’s Q&A session, EUFF 2024 continues to uphold this high standard featuring three (online) Q&A sessions with three outstanding European filmmakers.  The following movies will have an online Q&A post-screening. (Check Film Schedule for more details on time & location)  – “Oskar & Lilli – Where no one…



Online Masterclass by Alejandro De La Fuente: This years masterclass will be held by Alejandro De La Fuente, a prominent figure in the film industry.  With over 30 years of extended experience as a script doctor, script writer, tutor, and audiovisual consultant, expect nothing but the best to be taught in this years online masterclass. …



Synopsis: A dodo, a bird that disappeared 300 years ago, makes its appearance in Athens in the luxurious residence of a family on the verge of ruin for which the countdown has begun: the 38 crucial and saving hours that separate them from the marriage of their daughter with a rich heir. The boundaries between…


Miss Viborg

Synopsis: In a small Danish town, we meet two generations of women. Solvej, a 61-year-old former beauty queen, and the rebellious 17-year-old Kate. Their meeting sparks an unlikely friendship, while the wounds of the past are revealed and the seeds of hope are sown. Director: Marianne BlicherCountry: DenmarkLength: 1h 40mGenre: Comedy, DramaLanguage: DanishSubtitle: English