Gentle (Szelid)

Synopsis: Edina, a female bodybuilder is ready to sacrifice everything for the dream she shares with her life partner and trainer Adam: to win the Miss Olympia. The odd love she finds on her way makes her see the difference between her dreams and her true self Director: David FreyneCountry: Hungary, GermanyLength: 1h 33mGenre: Docu-FictionLanguage: HungarianSubtitle: English


Q&A Sessions

Building on the tremendous success of last year’s Q&A session, EUFF 2024 continues to uphold this high standard featuring three (online) Q&A sessions with three outstanding European filmmakers.  The following movies will have an online Q&A post-screening. (Check Film Schedule for more details on time & location)  – “Oskar & Lilli – Where no one…



Online Masterclass by Alejandro De La Fuente: This years masterclass will be held by Alejandro De La Fuente, a prominent figure in the film industry.  With over 30 years of extended experience as a script doctor, script writer, tutor, and audiovisual consultant, expect nothing but the best to be taught in this years online masterclass. …


Miss Viborg

Synopsis: In a small Danish town, we meet two generations of women. Solvej, a 61-year-old former beauty queen, and the rebellious 17-year-old Kate. Their meeting sparks an unlikely friendship, while the wounds of the past are revealed and the seeds of hope are sown. Director: Marianne BlicherCountry: DenmarkLength: 1h 40mGenre: Comedy, DramaLanguage: DanishSubtitle: English



Synopsis: Grzegorz, diagnosed as an autistic child, lives in his hermetic world, unable to establish contact with others. When he turns fourteen, it turns out that the cause of isolation is not autism, but hearing loss, which hides great musical talent. Thanks to the auditory implant, Grzegorz begins to learn sounds, words and music with which…



Synopsis:Vasil has just lost his long-time partner in life, his wife Valentina. When a woman at her funeral proclaims that the dead woman called her cell phone, Vasil seeks out the help of a well-known psychic in order to contact his wife. His son Pavel tries to bring him to his senses, but Vasil stubbornly…



Synopsis: Zhenia, a Russian-speaking immigrant from the Ukraine enters the lives of the rich residents of a bland, walled off community as a masseur. Despite their wealth, the residents emit an inner sadness, a longing. The mysterious newcomer’s hands heal, his eyes seem to penetrate their souls. To them, his Russian accent sounds like a song…


Synopsis: When Ramona meets the charismatic Bruno on one of her strolls through the city, it never occurs to her that she might encounter him again the following day. Will an innocent flirtation get in the way of her career dreams and the perfectly good relationship she has with her boyfriend? A refreshing romantic comedy…


Synopsis: A story of two school friends who decide to start a pretend straight relationship in an effort to fit in. The film was set in 1995, two years after the decriminalization of homosexuality in The Republic of Ireland. Director: David FreyneCountry: Ireland, United Kingdom , United States, BelgiumLength: 1h 32mGenre: ComedyLanguage: EnglishSubtitle: Khmer, English